Demonstration kit DynaMot

To carry out teachers’ experiments with the hand driven generator DynaMot and the experimental notes by Dr. H. Muckenfuß.
Hand driven generator as power supply and alive teaching support for the formation of concepts in electricity.
DynaMot can be used as a DC-generator as well as a DC-motor and it is able to replace batteries or power supplies in the basic electricity teaching.
As the students can generate the power for most of the experiments themselves the concepts and theories about the electric circuit are closely connected with personal experiences gathered when generating the electric energy with the generator.
Survey of experiments:

  • Energetic basic ideas, energy current, load carrier, current, current concept, current measuring, mechanic parameter for the energy conversion
  • Increasing the power of the energy current with the load carrier current (P ~ I), parallel circuit of consumers
  • Energy current and electron current at the electric motor
  • Ideas for the voltage concept (P ~ U), series circuit
  • Experiments to determine the voltage definition

Demonstration kit DynaMot

Art. no. 54852

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  • 1 - Mechanical transmission

    experiment "Mechanical transmission"

    Comparison with mechanical energy transfer

  • 2 - Transmission of electrical energy

    experiment "Transmission of electrical energy"

    Comparison with electrical power transmission.

  • 3 - Definition and measurement of current, mechanical parameters involved in energy transfer

    experiment "Definition and measurement of current, mechanical parameters involved in energy transfer"

    Practicing current measurement and observing the effect of the rotation speed of the crank and the brightness of the lamp.

  • 4 - Increasing power (flow of energy) with charge flow (P~I), parallel connection of electrical loads

    experiment "Increasing power (flow of energy) with charge flow (P~I), parallel connection of electrical loads"

    Study of the behavior of the current in a parallel circuit.

  • 5 - Flow of energy and electrons in an electric motor

    experiment "Flow of energy and electrons in an electric motor"

    Exploring the relationship between P and t.

  • 6 - Definition of voltage (P~U), series connections

    experiment "Definition of voltage (P~U), series connections"

    Basics of the concept of tension.

  • 7 - Experiments on voltage

    experiment "Experiments on voltage"

    Physical quantity voltage is defined.

  • 8 - Voltage

    experiment "Voltage"

    Definition of the voltage is achieved.

scope of supply
  • 2 × Stand rod, zinc coated steel, 12 mm dia.
  • 2 × Bosshead, universal
  • 2 × Table clamp, heavy design
  • 1 × Hook with bosshead
  • 1 × Weight with hook, 100 g
  • 2 × Weight with hook, 200 g
  • 1 × Weight with hook, 500 g
  • 1 × Weight with hook, 1 kg
  • 1 × Pulley with hook
  • 1 × Cord, demonstration, 1 mm dia.
  • 1 × Plug lead 25 cm, red
  • 2 × Plug lead 50 cm, red
  • 2 × DynaMot generator
  • 1 × Mechanical transmission
  • 1 × Long driving belt and plug leads
additional materials required


Accessory kit ‘DynaMot’

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In the manual further experiments are suggested which can be conducted with the components of the ac...